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What is Meditexts?                                                        

Meditexts is a safe and secure subscription service for people who are managing chronic conditions.

It provides vital information on your medical condition or circumstances instantly and securely by text message to people who come to your aid.

Some chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes, epilepsy or heart disease), may cause you to have an unexpected fall, find yourself lost, or suffer an accident, and you may be unable to communicate your condition to emergency personnel, or to people who come to your aid.

By subscribing to Meditexts, your critical information, including health conditions, medications and details of next of kin, can be provided instantly via text message by simply texting your Personal Meditexts Number (PMN) to 60060.

This means that information on the vital help you might need is received promptly and efficiently.

When you register with Meditexts you receive a credit card-style card with your Personal Meditexts Number (PMN). If you prefer, you can also purchase [medical ID jewellery].

Registering with Meditexts costs only £24 a year and is completely secure.

That's perfect peace of mind for you and your loved ones for only £2 a month.



More about Meditexts

  • Meditexts can be accessed anywhere in the UK and on any mobile phone provider, 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • Meditexts information can be received by the emergency services, or receiving doctor, before they reach you 
  • no other system provides as much detailed vital information on your condition 
  • no other system operates as efficiently or as cost-effectively 
  • the cost of your Meditexts subscription is inclusive of all texts 
  • all personal information registered with Meditexts is controlled by you, and you can add, edit or remove details at any time 

Meditexts is a Social Enterprise. This means that profits raised through Meditexts registrations are reinvested in the company.

Donations are also made to organisations supporting medical research and care for people managing chronic conditions.



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More Information

The meditexts system ensures that, if you suffer a fall or an accident, all vital information relating to your condition can be conveyed to the appropriate people accurately and quickly, ensuring that you receive the help you need promptly and efficiently from both health professionals and carers, no matter where you are in the UK.

No other system provides the same level and quality of information which can be made instantly available in an emergency.

The meditexts system is affiliated to a number of the UK’s leading health charities, many of which receive donations based on a percentage of every meditexts registration.
What’s that worth to your peace of mind, and that of your loved ones?

How does meditexts work?  

When you register with meditexts you receive a card (or you may purchase a meditexts bracelet which contains your Personal meditexts Number (PMN).Click here for further information
Details about you, your GP and your next of kin or carers (all controlled by you) will already have been entered securely onto the meditexts system.

Remember – with meditexts you should carry your PMN with you at all times.

How do I register with meditexts?

The process is simple.

Step 1

Register online on the secure meditexts website. [here] The cost to register is only £24 a year. £5.00 of this will go to affiliated charities supporting chronic conditions.
Step 2
You will then receive your own unique and secure personal meditexts number (PMN). This will be sent you to by email.
Step 3
The email will also contain a ‘card’ with your PMN which can be cut out and laminated. (If you wish, you may also purchase a meditexts bracelet which can be engraved with your PMN [Link to Bracelet page?]) You should carry the card or bracelet with you at all times, as this also contains instructions for others as to what they should do in an emergency).

Step 4
You then enter your personal details, and details of your condition onto the meditexts website. You may enter as little or as much information as you wish, but we suggest the following as a minimum:

Your name and contact telephone number(s)
Your doctor’s name and telephone number
Details of your medical condition
Details of any allergies
Details of any relevant medication or treatment
Next of kin or carer contact details
If you are a sole carer you can provide alternative contact details

Step 5

Simply remember to carry your PMN with you at all times.


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